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Hear how our pond cleaning has impacted our clients.

Hydraulic Dredging Testimonials

"You should be proud of your son as well as his crew. Very professional and efficient. Thanks again -- I'll be sending a separate letter of recommendation for your use, if you so wish. "
Paul Casi

"The job came out better than expected. No grounds or roads were damaged nor was there any mess. Their estimate of time and money was exactly as they estimated. I would strongly recommend them. "
Izhak Sirota

"I must tell you how impressed I was with your service. They did a very nice, clean, quiet, efficient, and professional job. I believe we have a great potential of working together on some of our other basins in the future. Please share my thanks with your hard working team!"
Todd Hoppenstedt, Director of Public Works

"I took these from my breezy. Thank you again. If you ever want to use us for a referral, go ahead. Have a good day."
John & Terry Thompson

"Rich is a great contractor!"
Roselle Public Works, IL

"In July, 2001, you cleaned our pond near Theresa, WI. We are always asked, “How do you keep the pond so clean?” I’ve been told the water is cleaner looking than most pools! We have enjoyed our pond more than we ever thought possible!"
Bonnie and George Wiedmeyer

"We are grateful to you for your good work. Since that time, our pond has been beautiful. The marine biologists who treat our pond four times a summer are quite impressed. Again, thanks a lot!"
Alice Paulson

"We have solicited proposals for sediment removal in Turner’s Pond. Three proposals were received. We recommend accepting the proposal of Organic Sediment Removal Systems. They did Heathergreen Pond for us last fall successfully."
Mike Higgins, Village Engineer, Roselle, IL

"Thank you so much for your help. Our pump station has never been this reliable since I've been here. We are able to get the full compliment of flow out of our pump station reliably for the first time in 2 years. I am hopeful to see you back next year to dredge our entire pond and eliminate the algae and improve depth and clarity long-term."
C. B., St. Charles Country Club